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Gimbo is on a mission to secure the way customer data is treated for and by companies.

We believe effective customer data management is a core component for companies to succeed in today’s digital world. With the increased collection of customer data combined with new data regulations, companies are facing more pressure than ever ensure adequate internal customer data processes. ​

As regulations increase, so does complexity. Most often companies do not comprehend the necessary precautions required to remain fully compliant with current regulations. Many companies today have cumbersome processes when sharing sensitive data to customers. These typically involve human-interactions through manual-based activities with limited standardized operating procedures. This traditional way of working is time consuming with high resource-dependency and many companies are not compliant with applicable regulations when sharing data to customers. It increases the risks of facing penalty fees from regulators combined with bad reputation in the market.​

By using Gimbo, companies can spend time focusing on their core business – and limit the need to spend time on administrative burdens. We help companies to share sensitive data to customers in a compliant way resulting in lower costs, increased efficiency, and enhanced goodwill. ​

Gimbo’s vision is to enable a world where sensitive personal data moves in a secured and seamless way between customers and companies.​ ​

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